Guardian Angel

It had been a full hour since Pippa had seen Agent Matthews descend the stairs that led up to Director Hassan’s office. Which meant, it had been a full hour since Director Hassan had been briefed about her royal screw up on the field earlier.
The royal screw up being, Pippa had made a decision in the heat of the moment, a decision that was not part of how an agent was supposed to react. A decision that could have led to all their deaths, but a decision that was nonetheless the reason they were all still alive. The FBI would of course focus on the part that was about how she could have had them all killed, and the part where she totally disregarded her training and the part of the decision that could potentially be interpreted as her showing she was not in the least bit fit to be a part of their organization.
Pippa thought of things a bit differently than the FBI. She wasn’t all that calculated or capable of ignoring her gut to follow logic. She was also incapable of regretting what she had done when it had literally saved her life. She looked at it like, if it all ended well and they got their man, why did it matter how she went about it?
Needless to say, Pippa wasn’t the biggest fan of rules and being put in a position where her options were limited by so called protocol. Basically, she was the polar opposite of what was expected from an agent but they (the FBI) kept her around because she, among other things, got the job done.
Still, the fact that her father was no stranger to the office did not hurt her case. Her colleagues may have hated her since the very first day, with the exception of other female agents and the males who wanted to get in her pants, but they shamelessly absolutely worshipped the man who fathered her.
Not that she could blame them in any way. After all she had been doing the same thing for as long as she could remember. Something about the man simply commanded you to try to please him. His general aura of disapproval could have something to do with that but it only seemed to affect those with an already lengthened list of insecurities, namely herself.
Since she could remember Pippa had made it her mission to make that man proud, which explained why she was stuck working for the FBI.
It also explained why she never considered leaving even after incidents like today, which were proving to not be so rare in her career.
Earlier, the FBI had received a call about a suspicious male driving off and away from a shopping mall with two children in the black of his black van. Witnesses all said they hadn’t seen the face of the suspect but they did see that he was mishandling the little girl and one witness even said she might have seen a gun on the man. Fortunately enough the partial plate number had been enough to deduce that the man in question was a Rodney Piper, ex-military single father of two. Single because he was recently separated from his wife of ten years and his address was easy enough to track down from that point.
But of course Agent Rizzoli had first made a call to the ex-wife to find out what the situation was with the children and determine if Rodney was in fact breaking the law before wrongfully ambushing him. What he found out was Mrs Piper was in a state, worried sick about her children whom she had lost at the mall.
She had been in a fitting room when they vanished and no one had information about their whereabouts when she asked. And of the police hadn’t allowed her to file a report because the kids had been missing for less than an hour at that point. When she found out her ex -husband might be involved she un-surprisingly got more alarmed.
She divulged that her ex had changed after coming back from war and suffered from PTSD among other things. She had left him after the second time he put his hands around her neck and squeezed in his sleep only to refuse to get help for his issues. So yeah, she had left him and the judge had granted Kim full custody, with Rodney getting supervised visits on weekends. Needless to say, Rodney had been pissed (to say the least) and threatened to “do something about it” but not for one second had Kim thought he would harm them. Not his own kids. They used to be his world.
So when Pippa heard the buzz in the office about this case she had quickly approached the Director, asking that she be a part of the team that brought the kids to safety. And even though she was on homicide rather than the kidnap and rescue team, she had always made it known that she wanted to work with preventing the crimes rather than be called upon after the fact.
It was the whole reason she was in law enforcement in the first place. And no one knew that better than Director Hassan, who had been friends and colleagues with her father for many years before he retired.
It took some finessing (also known as pride-less begging and blinking back fake tears) to convince the Director to give Pippa the chance but he had done it and she had been ecstatic and eager.
Perhaps even a littleovereager.
Which was why when they had ambushed the Piper house and she had seen Rodney placing the gun on his son’s head, instead of waiting for orders from the team leader(which she doubted would have been to hold fire anyway) she had pulled the trigger and shot the gun off of Rodney’s hand. Missing the child’s head by mere inches.
She was a good shot as every FBI agent was required to be but even she knew a lot of things could have gone wrong with that shot. And she knew this immediately after she pulled the trigger. And definitely minutes after when Agent Rizzoli ripped her a new one in front of his entire team.
It was humiliating and demeaning to say the least but to some extent she did deserve to be told off for disrespecting hierarchy but what she did not deserve was for it to be done in front of her colleagues, some of whom she had known since they’d all been recruits. She wasn’t the crying type but after that scene she felt a lump in her throat.
And to make things worse, Agent Rizzoli had told Agent Matthews almost immediately when they arrived back from the scene.
Agent Matthews was the douchebag who was out for revenge on Pippa for rejecting him back when she was a first year FBI recruit. He had a way about him that made Pippa uncomfortable around him from the day she met him. He just gave her the creeps. The guy was good looking enough, she conceded, but there was just something there that she knew she wasn’t the only to see because all the female agents she knew gave Agent Matthews a wide berth too. Unfortunately for her she was stuck in the team that was led by him and therefore couldn’t avoid interacting with him even if she tried, and the bastard never made it easy to stay professional either.
He used every chance he had to call her into his office for some bullshit reason and when she tried to get out of those unnecessary meetings he would find a way to make her aware that it would take him less than a minute to end her career and so, in the back of her mind Pippa had known Matthews was just waiting for her to mess up.
And now he had his chance to ruin any shot of advancing to the team of her choice.
Pippa shook her head, realizing that she had made it all too easy for him.
Not only would she be stuck with him as a boss but she would probably be stuck on desk duty for as long as Agent Matthews deemed fit.
Crap again.
Pippa ran her hands though her hair and started banging her forehead on her desk until someone cleared their throat and she lifted her head.
She knew who it was before she reached his face just from his scent.
Dressed much like herself in blue jeans and a black FBI vest there stood Agent Matthews with a smirk on his face. It always surprised Pippa how often Matthews made time in his schedule for these less than pleasant interactions. After all he was the agent in charge of the entire homicide division of the FBI. Surely he had more important things that demanded his attention? But there he was. Somehow he found a way to squeeze her into his day and force himself into hers.
“Yes, Agent Matthews, did you need something?” Pippa asked, barely able to paste a smile on her face. She was surprised at how even her voice sounded. Apparently she was becoming better and better at hiding her distaste for her boss. Perhaps it was also why she was getting so much of his attention. Perhaps, she was a little too good at this pretending game for her own good.
Instead of answering her, Matthews placed both hands on Pippa’s desk and leaned in. She could feel his breath on her face, and not in a good way.
“Agent Hernandez. As you know I was with the Director shortly after I was briefed about your behaviour on the field today. We had a long conversation about your future, or lack thereof.”
That explained the smirk. There was a chance she no longer had her job!?
Pippa’s heart was beating fast and she swore she could hear it in her own ears. No, NO.
“What do you mean, lack thereof?”
Matthews stood back up and shoved his hands in his pockets. Maintaining eye contact as he always did.
“You didn’t think nothing would be done to you just because of your father did you? Seriously, sweet cheeks, you can’t always expect to get away with shit like that. No one does what you did. This is the FBI. We have rules. We follow orders, we keep the public safe and we protect the laws of this country. That’s what we stand for. And if you think you get special treatment just because your father was the director then you’re sadly mistaken”
Pippa was sure her face was as hard as granite at the mention of her father. It was hard enough to get out from under his shadow without this jerk bringing him up in her worst moment.
And so, she was done playing nice.
“Agent Matthews, surely you didn’t come all the way from your desk to tell me something that I already know. And as pleasant as you are, I’d really rather be by myself than be subjected to your company right now. So whatever it is, spill it and leave me the hell alone!”
By the time she realized how high her voice had risen, it was already too late. The office had gone quiet and all the agents in cubicles were turned towards her desk. Watching, listening and shocked.
Pippa closed her eyes for a second and reopened them when she turned back towards Matthews, whose face had gone red at her words, and probably the fact that she had spoken to him like that in front of his other subordinates.
“Director Hassan wants to see you in his office.” Matthews said through his teeth.
Pippa sighed and turned to walk towards the stairs that led up to the Director’s office. She was two steps away when Matthews called, loud enough for the entire office to hear,
“And, Pippa, you know I think you have a sweet ass but if you talk to me like that again, there will be consequences.”
A chill went through Pippa’s spine but she kept walking forward. Hoping to God her job was still secure but also half wishing that it wasn’t so she wouldn’t have to work with that disgusting asshole again.

…to be continued ❤❤

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