My First Blog Post

Hi everyone! Thank you so much for clicking on my very first blog post.

I’m not quite sure what to even say (yes, I’m that awkward) but let’s see if I can make it through at least a few sentences that make sense.

As you can guess, my name is Thando. I’m a twenty something year old woman from South Africa. I’m just here to share my experiences and views as a Zulu woman and hopefully learn a thing or two from other people’s life experiences as well.

Oh, and I am also a creative writing enthusiast. I’ll slip in a short story or two every now and then and might even review some of my favourite books if I get my act together long enough. I’m also thinking of writing my short stories that are inspired by music …like, listen to a song and then write a few scenes that make sense to the message of the song type thing.Good idea or bad idea? We shall see!

…lastly, as an awkward late -bloomer, I am clueless when it comes to makeup and beauty products and the like so I’m hoping to document my experiences with some of these products I’m only now being consistent with using(yikes).

Anyway, please do follow this blog and support ya girl.


Published by accordingtothando

I am a lover of all things creative writing. I love learning about new things and spending ridiculous amounts of time on Google.

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